What is the difference between SBYC and SYCR?
As of 1 Apr 2014, the organisations merged their sailing clubs as SBYC The Shanghai Country Club SCC or SYC (previously Shanghai Yacht Club&Resort) owns, operates and develops the estate as a country club and cooperates with specialized groups offering a variety of sports. SBYC rents some space (club office, boat storage and storage rooms, etc.) and has an agreement with SCC to advise and jointly organize sailing activities. While SCC is a commercial company, SBYC is a organisation "run by members, for members" in order to have members involved in an active club life and keep the membership fees low.

I have never sailed before. Can I come?
Yes, you are welcome, no prior experience is required.
One of the reasons we exist is to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to try sailing. There are many experienced sailors in our Club, who are happy to take you out for a sail and 'show you the ropes'.

I'm not sure if sailing is really for me. Can I try it first?
Yes, come and join us on any Open Day.
This is the perfect opportunity for you to discover sailing, and our Club. If you decide to continue and learn how to sail, you should then consider joining as a member.

Racing Instructions, NOR
Download the racing instructions here 2014 Weta Races 2014 General Racing Instructions, NOR

I can't swim. Is this safe for me to go sailing?
We are very sensitive to safety, and we insist that everyone on our boats wears a personal floatation device (PFD, also known as a life jacket). If you were to fall into the water, your PFD would make you float on the surface until a safety boat would take you aboard and then back to land.

Do you offer formal training?
Not yet.
We are working toward establishing formal training and courses, but it's still a work in progress. In the mean time, one of the best ways to learn is go out on a boat with an experienced sailor and ask a lot of questions. In the Club, you will always find someone willing to help you, and share his/her knowledge.

I don't have a boat. Do I need to buy one?
No, you can sail one of the Club's boats.
The Club maintains its own fleet of boats, that are fun to sail. In fact, most members do not have their own boat. If you are a member and have paid your dues, you can use one the club's boats, for no extra cost.

I prefer to have my own boat. Can I keep it within the Club?
Yes, owners' boats are welcome.
You can keep your boat at the Shanghai Country Club (SCC) where we have our base. We will help you to arrange this, but you will have to pay your parking fee directly to the SCC. As of 2011, the rate is approximately RMB 5,000 per year for a standard size dinghy.

Is this a club for foreigners?
Certainly not!
The Club is open to everyone. While it's still true that a majority of our members are foreigners, it only reflects the fact that sailing is fairly new here. We want to change that, and contribute to developing the sport in China. This means for Chinese people.

I always thought that sailing is for rich people. Is this true?
No, although sailing is often described as an 'exclusive' sport, you do not need to be rich to enjoy it.
In fact, as a member of our club it works out to be a very inexpensive sport indeed. This is because SBYC is an organization run by volunteers, and we make every efforts to keep our fees as low as possible.

I don't want to sail what can I do for the club
Even if you don't want to sail or race there are plenty of things you can do to help the club. For example, there are shore-based roles on the committee or just manning the merchandise stall. On race days, additional crew to support the race officer or man the club rib are always welcome. Just contact anyone on the committee to discuss how you could help.

How to travel to the boat club
Map and instructions are on our web site => About SBYC => Locations The shuttle bus is parked near the entrance of CoBest office buiding and is leaving at 9 am on Satudays and Sundays . Cost rmb 50/person for return trip to be paid by you to the bus driver upon arrival at the boat club. The bus returns at 5 pm to Shanghai

Windfinder - weather and wind at the lake
Windfinder Website Shows the wind and wave forecast for the lake