Sailing at Dianshan Lake
The main base of SBYC is at the Shanghai Yacht Club & Resoirt (SYCR) at the South West shore of Dianshan Lake, near Grand View Garden.
It's some 60 km from downtown Shanghai and 40 minutes drive from Hongqiao International Airport. The lake is named after the Dianshan Hill in the east of the lake and covers an area of 62 sq.km, making it the largest freshwater lake in Shanghai.

Please note that our sailing club is outside of county Shanghai

How to get there:

1. By Club Bus:
SBYC members can use the SYCR/SBYC bus (沪B78930), departing from East Xujing subway station Exit 8/9 (terminus of Metro Line 2) Opposite Cobest building.
It departs East Xujing at 0900 (punctual!) and returns from the lake at approximately 7 pm during the summer, otherwise at 5 pm.
SBYC members may register for a seat on the bus here.

Fee: RMB 50.00 per person, return trip.

Xujing Bus

For special occasions (e.g., Open Days), there will be additional SBYC buses, usually leaving East Xujing at 0900 and returning from SYCR at 1900. You can sign up for these buses on our web page.

2. By Public Transport:

There is a bus called Hu Shang Xian (沪商线) which starts at the crossing of Danshui Road (淡水路) and Changle Road (长乐路) (Shanghai residents sometimes call it the Madang Road (马当路) bus stop although Madang Road is one block away) and runs along Yanan Road until the Zoo stopping at each bus stop on Yanan Road, plus
a few stops in Hongqiao area. It costs 8 RMB one way. The bus leaves to Shang Ta (商榻) at 7:00, 8:00, 9:20, 13:00, 16:00, it returns from Shang Ta to Madang Road at 6:50, 9:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00 (it will be at Xin Cun about 5-10 minutes later).

Hushang bus stop

The route is Ma Dang Rd -> Xu Jing -> Qing Pu -> Zhu Jia Jiao -> Oriental Oasis -> Grand View Garden -> Shang Ta. There is a stop called Xin Cun (新村), one stop before Grand View Garden (大观园), please inform the conductor you will get off at this stop. The bus stops right across the shop of Markus, from there it is 6-7 minutes walking to the club through the village (enter SYCR at the same gate as the shuttle bus). The bus ride takes about two hours.

3. By Car:

From the city, take the G50 (A9) towards Qingpu, and exit at Xicen (or one exit later at Jinze, see here). Turn left onto G318 Huqingping Highway. Pass through the police check point. Take the next right to Zhouzhuan, then Grand View Gardens lies about 1.5km on the left (702 Jin Shang Road) but you must turn right 200 hundred meters earlier, there is a big sign to Shanghai Yacht Club and Resort, and follow the signs to the parking lot. See also this map.

Downtown pub evenings
Club Social Evenings are held on the first Thursday of the month.
See the Calendar for more details of our next event.

Downtown pub evenings